If you are looking for a inexpensive, temperature controlled, highly secure solution to storing your us.

When you have need for storage of an over-the-road trailer or you want to rid your back yard of your boat trailer during the summer, we have the answer. Each day we have regular truck traffic that includes the longest 53 footers and transport tractors. Turn around is easy and convenient. We have the same type of docks as you would see above ground.

In addition to being the largest storage facility for boats and RV's in this area. We also handle temporary trailer storage for your equipment for special projects. Our facility is dry and secure.

Since our facility is underground the temperature range is extremely predictable. The ambient temperature inside one of our underground storage buildings normally ranges around 60 degrees. We never have freezing temperatures underground. We control humidity in the storage buildings to achieve a range of 56 to 64 percent relative humidity.

Temporary or long-term storage is available. We will provide you with pricing by the month, by the season or by the year. When you deliver or pick-up of your trailer you will be greeted by a staff that understands the importance of proper care for your belongings.

We are centrally located near the intersection of the Watterson Expressway (I-264) and Poplar Level Road.

We have over 3,000,000 square feet of overall capacity.

Our entire facility is located underground which provides the highest level of security and protection from weather. The geologists say that we can take a direct hit from a 747 jet and sustain no damage. We can also sustain an F-5 tornado with no damage. Why risk storing above ground when our facility is so well protected?

  • Temperature control
  • No freezing temperatures
  • Security
  • Protection from inclement weather
  • Central location
  • Easy in and out

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