MEGA Space is a 4 million square foot underground storage and logistics facility with solutions for your BIGGEST storage needs.

Louisville Mega Space is centrally located within a 1~2 day delivery point to over 80% of the U.S. commercial and end-user consumer markets. Our underground warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution facility is a unique offering of almost unlimited space suitable for commercial leasing, equipment storage, food-grade storage, and shipping and distribution hubs.

With more than 100 acres of underground storage, no storage challenge is too large or too complex. Louisville Mega Space can offer custom solutions to meet your exact storage needs. Our storage facilities are climate-controlled, clean, and unparalleled in security.

Benefits of Louisville Underground

  • Secure
    Highly secure yet readily accessible.

  • Climate controlled
    Constant ambient temperature at 58 degrees F with humidity adjustable space.

  • Storage
    Single pallet to multi-pallet storage service.

  • Fully integrated WMS
    Bar-coding, inventory control, detailed billing, report generating, and more.

  • Temporary or long-term storage
    Small/Large & Short-term/Long-term inquiries welcome.

  • Food-grade storage
    Permitted & bonded for food grade materials.

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